Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Thoughts On Love And Smoking Podcast #18: Kirsty P.

We've been a little remiss here at TOLAS for the last couple of months as far as our podcasts have been concerned, but now that Christmas, and January,,,, and a good chunk of February is out of the way we've given ourselves a good old boot up the rump and the gears are once again beginning to turn at the HQ. As such we thought we'd lay something extra special out for you this time round and we're pretty sure this mix fits the bill perfectly. 75 minutes of immaculately curated sonic goodness from a lady who's rapidly becoming one of our very favourite selectors, Kirsty P.
Kirsty has been making all the right noises of late with a handful of excellent podcasts for the likes of Something Spaceial, Serial Experiments, Esters as well as a stellar take for the NSA mix series which featured in our best of 2017 list. As a result Kirsty has been collecting an increasingly busy gig schedule as a result playing around the country as well as further afield. You can catch Kirsty on the 28th of April up in Edinburgh for Finitribe Presents, then at the mighty Alfresco Festival at the end of May.
But first things first! Dig into this beauty and lose yourself to the world of wild rhythms. X

Till next time.
Big love. Mark. X