Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It's your New Years party busting, Red Axes mix!!

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Tough, tireless and teeming with hits, at the helm and in control for the final post of 2014 it's the Tel Aviv based dynamic duo, Ladies and Gentlemen, Substanauts and Substanettes, we give you,,, RED AXES! Delivering a hard hitting, fist pumping mele, that's pretty much guaranteed to be perfect listening for both pre and post NYE parties tonight!
Get on it. Thats an order!!

Big love and happy New Year. X
Mark. X

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Andrew Weatherall. Live @ The Electric Chair, January 2007. Parts 1 AND 2!!

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A special yuletide treat for your ears this Christmas day. The second part of 'that' Electric Chair mix from January 2007 when Weatherall graced the decks at Manchesters finest. Kicks off with Schoolly D and wraps up 2 and a half hours later with his own remix of My Bloody Valentine.

Merry Christmas. X

Monday, 8 December 2014

Rocks in the head, butterfly's in the stomach.

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Quick shout for an interesting looking venture from a couple of local scensters which is coming at you in the shape of 'Moon Rocks'. A monthly shindig held in the compact and bijou surrounds of Ernest (rapidly becoming one of the Towns best new rave boozers), it's been hatched from the fractured psyche's of Newcastle's very own musical polymath, Mick Rolfe and Sunderland's 2nd best musketeer, Pav. They're keeping things suitably secretive on what to expect but with both having a pretty strong musical pedigree, I'm sure we'll all be in safe hands. They're promising something a little left of center with regular guests from home and further afield, which in the current climate of heavily homogenised music in clubs and bars it' nice to see that there's still a few folk with the minerals to stick their heads above the trench walls.
Good luck to 'em.

The inaugural 'Moon Rocks' kicks off this Saturday (the 13th) between 8pm and 1am down in the heart of the Ouseburn district at Ernest. We suggest you get down there and get right amongst it!

Big love.
Mark. X

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Joyeux Noel! Some words from me and some music from Weatherall.

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Well there's no getting away from it. Weather you like it or not the festive season is most definitely upon us! My chocolate advent calendar was dispatched in a haze of Baileys at the weekend and I've been eyeing up some tiny antlers on Amazon to glue to the dog this morning! But seeing as its said to be the 'season of giving' I've dug deep in my sack of delights and pulled out a couple of proverbial plums for you. First up, a list of some excellent German words for which there is no English single word equivalent and to wash that down, grab the sherry and get merry with a 4 hour set from the gaffer. Enjoy(ux)!

Fachidiot - Someone who knows a lot about a particular field, in a similar way to a one-track specialist.

Backpfeifengesicht - A face which invites you to slap it.

Torschlusspanik - Meaning last-minute panic (literally door-shut panic).

Kaffeepaussi - A coffee break or simply a break.

Kummerspeck - 'Grief bacon': It is the word that describes the excess weight gained from emotion-related overeating.

Putzfimmel - A mania for cleaning

Drachenfutter - Literally translated as 'dragon fodder' - are the peace offerings made by guilty husbands to their wives

Zimmerlaut - 'Room volume' as in 'room temperature'

Fanmeile - Stretches of streets which were reserved for World Cup match-watching and general revelry this summer, is a bit of a hybrid, and has been voted the German Word of the Year by the Society for the German Language.

Hubschrauberlandedecke - Helicopter landing spot.

Fahrvergnugen - The joy of driving.

And, while not a single word, worth mentioning anyway:

'Die beleidigte Leberwurst spielen' - to stick one's lower lip out in a sulk (literally, to play the insulted liver sausage).