Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Sugarcubes: Birthday E.P.


'Birthday' was written and recorded by The Sugarcubes for their 1988 debut album 'Life's Too Good'. It was their first single and the first single released from the album. The Icelandic-language version "Ammæli" was released on an Iceland-only single Einn Mol Á Mann (One Cube Per Head) the previous year and was included as the B-side on the international single. This package was re-issued in 1992 complete with remixes from Tommy D, Justin Robertson and The JAMC's Jim & Will Reid.

Birthday: Justin Robertson 7" Mix
Birthday: Tommy D 7" Mix
Birthday: Jim & Will Reid Christmas Eve Mix
Birthday: Original 7" Mix
Birthday: Tommy D Dum Dub
Birthday: Justin Robertson Dub
Birthday: Jim & Reid Christmas Day Mix
Birthday: Demo (Icelandic)

The Sugarcubes: Birthday E.P.

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