Thursday, 12 November 2009

Chapter And Verse.


Chapterhouse's debut single for the 'Dedicated' label, 'Pearl' from 1991 which feature's guest vocals by Rachel Goswell from 'Slowdive'.

Chapterhouse * Pearl


Krippa said...

I know it sounds like I'm being pedantic but... Pearl was their third single after Freefall and Sunburst, I remember waiting to Pearl to be released after buying the first two on release. I also remember all the whoo har at the time because the NME and Shoegaze fraternity accused them of jumping on the dance bandwagon just because it has a slight hip hop beat. ha ha idiots.

Saw Chapterhouse live at Newcastle uni in 91 great gig, LOUD.

They also did a top class cover of Rain by the Beatles on one of these early singles.

Moogar said...

Wern't Sunburst and Freefal on a different label though? I thought Pearl was their first single for 'Dedicated'? I'll have to dig them out and 'ave a look.
RE. That cover of Rain. Isn't it one of the tracks on the B-side of Freefall?