Sunday, 1 November 2009

"Here We Go,,,,,, ahhhhh-ha!"


Probably one of the best known and most love remixes from back when Weatherall was the go-to remixer for nearly every seminal indie or Shoegaze band when British music was still good.
New Order, The Happy Mondays, St. Etienne and Primal Scream have all enlisted Weatherall at some point in their careers, and on some of the most highly regarded pop records of that era. My Bloody Valentine quickly followed suit on this and it quickly became the legend it is today.

So here it is to download, more desk-skanking action courteousy of Lord Saber from back in the day. This track has consistently smashed it up longtime.

My Bloody Valentine * Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

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Krippa said...

Would never call the mondays 'shoegaze' indie but that nit pick aside, great blog.