Thursday, 19 November 2009



Pink Skull have team up with New York-based label RVNG INTL for their eponymous second album. Taking their early trademark, quirky electronica and house and mellowing it out into a loose acid-infused disco-punk style. Parts of the new record hint at the more electronic sound that they've left behind, while some of it explores his more downbeat style using synth loops and reverse effects to good effect.
As is to be expected with any release on the excellent RVNG label, the packaging is given equal importance as the music, and for this release they've made each vinyl sleeve as unique as possible. Drawing up a list of a thousand of their own modern day bummers, the RVNG guys then set about separately letter printing every sleeve with a different message. They've even set aside a limited number of copies for fans to request their own printed slogan.

Pink Skull * Endless Bummer

Pink Skull * Oh Monorail

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