Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tom Furse Mixes Other Peoples Records Suprisingly Well..


Tom Furse is not a name that you'll necessarily be familiar with but you're sure to be aware of his work as the keyboard player from The Horrors. Tom has been moonlighting from his day job recently and doing some sterling freelance work rubbing up some of his Friends releases. The first track that came to my attention that Furse had remixed was the utterly jaw dropping reworking of 'Akin To Dancing' by Heartbreak which came out on Andy Blake's wonderful 'Dissident Records' label a few months back and is still one of my tracks of the year!
The two tracks I've posted here are again, simply outstanding. The first from Memory Tapes, the musical hybrid of 'Weird Tapes' and 'Memory Cassette' is Toms remix of 'Bicycle' from the forthcoming debut 'Seek Magic'. And the second is a dark, heavyweight, brooding number from 'Project Komakino'. Sounding like the sort of shit a lovechild between Wolfgang Flür and Ian Curtis would be thinking up. Post punk industrial disco.

Memory Tapes * Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub)

Project Komakino * Syndrome (Tom Furse Remix)

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