Wednesday, 21 April 2010

OSCarr Mix


This mix was put together to celebrate the Optimo 10th Birthday special and features many of the records released on their OSCarr record label over the years. As they generally only come out on 12", most people don't know much about these records. Maybe this will perk up your interest.

The Parsonage * Drone 1
Big Ned * Love, Honour And Obey
Catie Faulds * Catie Faulds Plays Optimo
Uter * Vibrato
Mount Florida * A Riot On Jamaica Street (Matador)
Pro Forma * Human Error
Truffle Club * Autoconform (With A Little Bit Of 'Mark Hex-This Is Glasgow)
Bis * Looking From A Hilltop
Creme De Menthe * Plastique
Magic Daddy * Miscreant
X Vectors * Winter Of Our Discotheque
Mount Florida Vs Kelvin Bridge * Yo La Poptimo
Electronicat * Tonight
Electronicat * Tonight (Locked Groove 3)
Naum * Ari (Kompakt)
The Stranglers * Golden Brown (J.D. Twitch Remix)
Creme De Menthe * We Are Living In The Night
Uter * Tomorrow's Clown

Optimo Singles Club And Related Recordings Mix

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