Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shriekback * My Spine Is The Bassline (Sho' Nuff Mo' Bassline Edit)


Shriekback * My Spine IS The Bassline (Sho' Nuff mo' Bassline Edit)

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the saucer people said...

This reminds me of going to the Leadmill Disco after a gig on Friday nights In Sheffield back when I was 15 in the early eighties...that bass line just bored into my brain and I still twitch and nod whenever I hear it....its funny to think that the picture of the seventies schoolies against a "this could be anywhere in the UK council estate" backdrop was probably taken within five years of this record being released yet the photo seems so impossibly "old" while this track still has the potential to cause dancefloor devestation even today...I guess some things age worse than others!

So when did this Sho'Nuff Mo' Bassline edit come out?