Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mark 7 * A Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall.



Mark 7, record collector, proprietor of the esteemed 'Juswax' record store, lives in Sweeden, looks a bit like a pirate and owns some of the rarest records on the globe.

Marks mixes, like his records, rather rare things, he is VERY secretive about the tracks he spins and almost never allows his sets to be recorded, the ones that manage to make there way to the public domain are inevitably mused over and picked through in the greatest detail by internet nerds across the planet. This mix in particular was released last year in conjunction with the people at Oki-Ni and a limited number were given away with the release of Marks 'Travelogue' E.P.

Taken from Mark's set at Horse Meat Disco in May 2009 with the artwork designed by Mark himself, only 100 copies were made.

'A Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall' is a 3 hour mix of ecstatic vocal disco, edgy hi-nrg, all the way through to late-night boogie and down-tempo sleaze.

Mark 7 * A Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall: Disc 1.

1. Musique - Summer love theme.
2. Donna Summer - Spring Affair
3. Tangerue feat. Strange Affair - Don't Stop the Music
4. Gregg Diamond - Tiger Tiger
5. Cyclades - Fire To Desire
6. Mouzon Electric Band - Everybody Get Down
7. Tangerue – Doin Your Own Thing
8. Poussez! – Come On & Do It
9. George Mcrae – Don’t You Feel My Love
10. Gregg Diamond – This Side of Midnight
11. Pure Energy – Party On
12. Donna Summer – Now I Need You
13. Kebekelektrik – War Dance
14. Fever – Beat of the Night
15. Midnight Powers - Dance, it's my life
16. Bonnie Oliver – Come Inside My Love
17. Debbie Jacobs – High On Your

Mark 7 * A Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall: Disc 2.

1. Debbie Jacobs – High on Your Love (Cont…)
2. Revanche – Music Man
3. Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard?
4. Alba - Only music survives
5. B52’s – Is that you mo-dean (Interdimension edit)
6. Steve Winwood – Night Train
7. Sparks - When I'm with you (instrumental)
8. Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Love
9. Eden - Free
10. Naked Eyes – Promises, Promises
11. Pointer Sisters – Automatic
12. Ashford & Simpson – Babies (Dub)
13. Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That
14. Mary Wilson – Red Hot

Mark 7 * A Salute To The Men Of Vauxhall: Disc 3.

1. Hodges, James & Smith - Since I fell for you I'm falling in love
2. Aretha Franklin - Ain’t Nobody Ever Loved You? (Dub)
3. Mike Francis – Features of Love
4. Exile – Kiss You All Over
5. Fifth Dimension - Surrender
6. The Quick - One Light In A Blackout
7. Hall & Oates – One on One
8. Pink Rhythm – Melodies of love
9. Bobby Walker – Stop The Clock
10. Damaris Carbaugh - What About My Love?

Enjoy. X

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