Monday, 8 July 2013

'Lord Of The Isles' Mix.

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There's been a lot of heat on 'Lord Of The Isles' recently! Occasionally a producer can quietly develop for some years before they come to the wider attention of the public, each release surrounding the talent with more good will and promoting their name in the process. The name Lord of the Isles has been increasingly spread of late. From modest beginnings, releasing on relatively unknown labels like Adult Contemporary, Catune and Ene, the producer’s name has gone from a whisper to a buzz, catching the attention of the Phonica, Unthank and Shevchenko imprints more recently. His hypnotic brand of disco and boogie-tinged house has found favor among the listening public as well, furthering his reputation and placing his releases in high demand. With little information on the Scottish talent otherwise known as Neil McDonald I've bunged this mix uop for your listening pleasure. Now go on,,,, get it up ye!!


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