Monday, 16 September 2013

'Come for the decay, stay for the depravity.'

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I've just seen 'Stings' new album advertised in the shops. I have to say, it’s looks like a bit of a departure from his old stuff. Some would say it’s almost a complete shift of character. I mean, check out the tracklisting. The LP is called 'Digging up the cock burrow'. A lot different to his older rustic/romantic/toss direction.

1. Your dog’s a wanker and your cat’s a prick.
2. More public toilet roulette.
3. Ballroom Boom Ball Shitting.
4. The vest of sexual politics.
5. Your tits are screaming, your face is a cuntflap.
6. When you're eating shit.
7. Kick off at the sperm bank.
8. Naked-ish and embarrassed.
9. Pull the other lung.
10. Punching Jesus in the balls and cock.
11. Here's the noose.

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