Monday, 25 November 2013

Vladimir Ivkovic. The best DJ you've probably never heard of.

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Vladimir Ivkovic – family man, huge collector, music lover, 'Desolat Music' label manager and resident of the seminal Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf IS the best DJ you've probably never heard of!!
Well, that might be over egging his elusiveness a tad but in our defence his is not a name that exactly swarms round in conversations when people are chatting about great DJ's, but great DJ he is! Vladimir began playing a pivotal role in Belgrade’s first “house” parties in the earliest 90s and soundtracking their surreal gatherings at the sea. His sound is very much the unifying section in middle of an ALFOS/World Unknown Venn diagram. Amazingly eclectic, sometimes frustratingly obscure but never less than entertaining. His musical footprint is almost as difficult to track down as some of the records on his mixes with only a handful of his recordings huddled in the deepest recesses of the internet (each one of them the sort of mix that just makes you want to give up, then and there and chuck your own records away.)
This set, recorded live in Belgrade last December has been sat on the hard drive here at TOLAS headquaters for a few months now so it's well overdue an airing. So sit back, pour yourself a cold one and if you've not heard Vladimir before, prepare to have your lid blown. Big love. X

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