Thursday, 7 April 2016

The best DJ you've (probably) never heard of #6. Steele Bonus.

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Probably better known in business circles for his work as a graphic designer, Steele Bonus is a Sydney native currently based in Amsterdam working primarily in the fields of branding, web design, print design and art-direction. However, for the sake of this piece we'll be focussing more on his, er, 'weekend based' projects as a DJ and record collector who for the past decade and a half has been playing and organising parties around Sydney as well as traveling the world to dj and search for records. Currently working out of the Dutch capital, he's been making contributions to labels like ESP Institute, Italians Do It Better, Future Classic, Noncollective and Noise In My Head among others.
His legendary mix series, 'Odd Waves' famously evolved into the physical form of a small publication and mix CD which sold out at stores around the globe from Red Light Records in Amsterdam to colette in Paris. Taking in a wide range of styles and genres from psych rock to industrial boogie, african drums and hypnotic house. Deftly and meticulously showcasing the old and the new with the obscure and the classic.  The series chronicles the rogue sub-culture of pop art punks, disco weirdos and synthesists from 1979-1985. Celebrating overlooked and forgotten new wave oddballs, the publication provides a glimpse into the lost scene through a collection of photo portraits, with a foreword by Michael Kucyk. Packaged with an exclusive one hour mix CD featuring the artists within and was limited to 300 copies it's become something of a cult rarity.
Anyhow, hopefully you can treat this as a starting point for a journey of discovery through some of Steele's mixes and it points you in the direction of some spanking new musical treasures!

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