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Many of us still haven’t gotten over this week’s Game of Thrones. We found out that Hodor's name derived from “hold the door” , screamed at him right before he died.

While many people assume that we’ve seen the last of Hodor, a new fan theory emerged this week which makes so much sense it could actually be true. Could Hodor have actually been,,,,, a delicious bowl of noodles?

So 'the noodle theory' stems from 6 key moments:

1. In episode 4 of Season 2, Ned Stark is rummaging around the kitchen at Winterfell searching for food. Look at the small wooden table behind him. There are a bowl of noodles with steam coming off them. On the side of the bowl is a large blue letter 'H'. What does the H stand for? Hat? Harpsichord,,,,, Hodor?

2. During the battle between the Lannisters and Stanis Baratheon in season 2, look closely at the approaching ships. Toward the back, on the left, is a huge bowl of delicious noodles. Again, steam can be seen rising from the bowl, suggesting they are piping hot, but listen closely and you can hear voices commenting on how delicious the air smells. Where is the Hodor link here you ask? Well if you pause the episode at precisely 18:46 and zoom in, one of the noodles has a beard and learning difficulties.

3. Fast forward to the red wedding, one of the most notorious scenes in television history. When the waiters are taking food orders, Rob Stark winks at the camera and says “I would like a delicious bowl of noodles please”. When the servant brings out the piping hot bowl of delicious noodles, he can’t quite get through the kitchen door. Rob Stark notices this and says “Here, let me…hold the door for you” and winks at the camera 44 times. When Rob is subsequently killed, noodles pour from his stomach and onto the floor. Look closely and the noodles spell out HODOR, and as Rob Stark falls to the ground and dies he points at the noodles and winks a further 97 times, even after he dies.

4. The next appearance of the delicious bowl of piping hot noodles happens in the episode 'Hardhome' where the white walkers attack Jon Snow and the Wildlings in one of the greatest scenes in the show’s history. But one of the white walkers is a delicious bowl of piping hot noodles, just like mama used to make. Watch as the noodle bowl gallops around on his horse. Look how majestic it is, with it’s bulging human biceps and fancy shoes. At one point the bowl of noodles climbs down from his horse and starts breakdancing on the beach while everyone cheers. The noodles all stay in the bowl, as if by magic, but interestingly, as the bowl spins, you can see Hodor’s face amongst the tasty goodness of noodles, grinning and miming 'Hodor' for the duration of the scene.

5. Fast forward to Jon Snow’s untimely death at the end of the very same season. As Jon is being stabbed to death by his 'brothers' look closely and you’ll see that one of the swords isn’t a sword at all, but a chopstick. When the camera pans back out and the Night’s Watch walk away from Jon it’s clear that one of the men is actually a delicious, piping hot bowl of succulent noodles. The bowl is wearing a tight pair of jeans with “DIVA” written on the arse in sequins, but below that, smaller sequined text reads 'Hodor'.

6. Lastly, in 'The Door' when Hodor meets his untimely demise, right before he dies he turns to the camera and screams “I AM THE NOODLE MAN” 17 times, before turning into ghost noodles and floating up into noodle heaven. Some fans think Hodor is the 'Noodle man' that Rob Stark referenced in season 2, when he famously said “Fuck the Noodle man” to nobody, in response to literally nothing.

So, is it all just a coincidence, or is Hodor actually just a bowl of delicious noodles. Nobody knows for sure, but there’s one thing we do know,,,,, he definitely is.

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