Thursday, 28 July 2016

Violence never solved anything? WELL FUCK OFF!!

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Gandhi once said that "violence solves nothing". He said this because he was a skinny coward and terrified of being punched by a REAL MAN. Violence has in fact solved most problems anyone has ever had ever, for example:

33: The Romans crucify loudmouth unemployed carpenter Jesus of Nazareth, putting an end to all his preachy bullshit.

1865: Instead of going to the pictures like a normal person, Abraham Lincoln goes to the theatre and gets assassinated, teaching him a lesson for being all artsy-fartsy.

1914: Gavrilo Princip is pissed off at Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a bloke who TOTALLY sucked. He shoots Ferdinand and everyone is much happier.

1945: The US drops an atomic bomb on the stoopid city of Hiroshima, or as most people called it, 'Arseberg'.

1980: Mark Chapman guns down John Lennon, an unkempt Scouse drug addict, and saves us all from more crappy records about imagining we're walruses.

That's all.
Big love. Mark. X

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