Friday, 13 April 2018

We hate it when our friends become successful. (And if they're Northern, that makes it even worse!)

Forriner is the new handle for Newcastle's very own Lee Forster and Oli Warriner. The pair, perhaps better known for their individual projects, Last Waltz and Traela, have now joined forces and are working under this brand new, box fresh moniker. Lee was responsible for the now infamous 'Dada' parties he ran alongside Geoff “Man Power” Kirkwood and Mick Rolfe (also of Last Waltz) which brought a spectacularly diverse guest DJ’s to the city during its lifetime. The likes of Chida, Kento, Felix Dickinson and I-F to name a handful, all touched down at some point at the raucous, and now legendary parties. The three of them have since gone on to play clubs, festivals and parties far and wide, home and abroad, from Tel Aviv, Berlin, Lithuania, and Croatia. Lee has also held down a longstanding residency at Tokyo in Newcastle for over 15 years and been pivotal to the scene in the north east from way, way back with involvement in pretty much every other club in the area that was worth its salt, with his name attached to the likes of Reverb, Method Lounge, Hipcheck and Hold It Down.
Back in 2014, Oli, finding himself increasingly tired of the run of the mill club nights in the city, began the running and organising of a series of secret parties which would later develop into the record label he owns today. Tunnyl Records is an amalgamation of the many different avenues Oli takes his influence from, not being bound by specific genres or confined to one style. This bold outlook gave him freedom to contact artists and release music brought to his attention through word of mouth and hard work as opposed to those riding current trends and hype.
Which brings us slap bang up to date! After meeting each other through their contributions to the Newcastle music scene and having successfully put out solo material on heavyweights such as ESP Institute, Mule Musiq, Let’s Play House, Tusk Wax and Hhatri, the duo decided to recently combine as Forriner. Their first releases for Futureboogie Recordings and Man Power’s MeMeMe have seen them off to a strong start picking up airplay on BBC Radio 1. Now, the pair have decided to start their own record label - Forriner Music. The ethos of the label being to always move forward, always releasing music that they like, outside of conventional genre boundaries. And that's enough to get us here at TOLAS excited!

The Condor EP is the first release from their brand new imprint, 'Forriner Music' The release features two Forriner originals and collects remixes from underground heavyweights, Perseus Traxx and Frank Butters which you can stream below.

You can follow Forriner on Facebook, here.
You can follow Forriner on Soundcloud, here.

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