Tuesday, 10 November 2009

"What are you doing Dave?"


I don't know much about this band so it makes it a tad difficult to write anything of great measure about them but the track is a belter so I'll leave it to their press release that came through the door with the promo to do the leg work, regarde:

'Detachments' are Sebastien Marshal, Peter Dawson and Oliver Scott. Their music is informed by the cold, industrial sound of Factory Records, pioneering electronic pop from the 1980’s, DFA’s consistently varied output as well as everything from Kraftwerk to The Cure. Their debut album will be released in 2010. Until now, Trevor Jackson and Andrew Weatherall have marshalled their time in the studio. James Ford will oversee the remaining sessions in the role of executive producer. Upon hearing the band for the first time, Ford was so impressed that he offered his services on the spot. The original does not feature on this package but it’s available to all on the 30th November. In the meantime, you can catch their thrillingly Futurist live show on their autumn tour and watch out for Detachments remixes for Dark Esquire and Parallels.

Hope that helped innit!

Detatchments * H.A.L. (Andrew Weatheralls Disco Dub)

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