Friday, 16 August 2013

"Something for the weekend sir?" New 'Needle Exchange' mix.

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Literally trying everything I can to dodge doing any work this afternoon so thought it would be entirely appropriate to pimp out my latest mix. Number 6 in the 'Needle Exchange' series (named so as they're all done on decks, 'needle' get it?) dusted off live in one sitting just the other night. As per it's done in 1 take, no re-do's so you get all the usual things you've come to expect, like turning the wrong channel down, leaving the wrong channel open, records skipping and crackling and a whole host of other peccadilloes.
Musically it's pretty fractured containing very little of what could be described as actual 'house music' but if you fancy lairy Northern poetry, potty mouthed hip hop, authentic Glasgow miserablism, French pop, early 80's angular funk and an authentic hands in the air piano anthem (all in the first hour by the way!) then you've docked at the right port! Anyhow, hope you enjoy at least some of it.

Big love.
Mark. X

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