Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Music Sans Frontiers Compilation. "We do a lot of work for chariddee,,,,,"

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Back in 2011 electronic pairing Posthuman pulled in favours from a variety of well known names for their Acid Relief compilation, supporting the DEC’s East Africa Crisis appeal. Continuing with their altruistic pursuits, they have once again called upon friends and inspirations to donate to Médecins Sans Frontières. This time casting the net further afield than acid house, the Music Sans Frontiers project features a glittering cast; Plaid, Nightwave, B12, Hrdvsion, Milanese, Shadow Dancer, Jokes of the Scene, Global Goon, Radioactive Man, Affie Yusuf and even Posthuman themselves contribute exclusive material for the project. Médecins Sans Frontières provide medical and humanitarian aid around the globe, and are currently focussing their efforts on the recent crisis in Syria. Available from Bandcamp, the album is operating on a pay what you want basis to raise money for the charity, but you can source it from their JustGiving page. Naturally the boys would hope you donate a healthy amount as they are attempting to break the £2,000 barrier, so break out your wallet or else we’ll find a way of slipping a Miley Cyrus remix into your record collection instead.

Have a listen and download the compilation here. X

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