Monday, 30 June 2014

Mix action! Rebolledo and Daniel Maloso, live @ Horst Krzbrg

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What it would be like if you farted through your willy instead of your bum-hole?
Why the east coast of Scotland looks like Richard Mulligan, who played Burt in Soap?
Why Cadbury changed their name from Cadbury's?
What would happen if you ate the Silica Gel sachets that you get in shoe boxes?
Why GOLD edit out all the sweary words from some programmes even if they're showing them after the watershed?
How many episodes of Emmerdale it would take to turn a normal person into a dribbling mass murderer?
What it would be like if Tintin was called Aluminiumaluminium?
What was going through Adam's mind when he did the world's first ever jobbie?
Why Audi drivers have their headlights on in broad daylight?
What would happen if you shaved a Moose?
Why so many people mis-use apostrophes?
Why you can only buy Gold Star Brown Sauce in chip shops?
Why Jim Robinson out of Neighbours seems to be so popular with American TV show nowadays?
How they manage to make Red Bull smell and taste like sick?
What it would be like to have your teeth replaced by antlers?
Why the QVC presenters get so excited about Quacker Factory clothing?
Whatever happened to Andy Crane?
Why technology can't slow down for a bit?
What it would be like to have your nipples replaced by beaks?
Whatever happened to Tom O'Connor?
Why Playboy is now more popular with women than with men?
What the real name for the back of the knee is?
Why it's ok for there to be female-only insurance companies, but there would be outrage if there were male-only ones?
Why people write into newspapers?
What it would feel like to eat steel wool?
Why people in the UK now talk about "season finales" instead to "last in the serieses"?
Wow long it will be before the road signs are written in English and Polish?
What the hell Lady Gaga is all about?
Who on Earth is so lazy that they have to pay someone else to wash out their wheelie bin?
Who sells magnets?
What the purpose of leg hair is?
Why Katie Hopkins's opinion is sought by the media on so many subjects?

Right then, bit of mix action now. Just shy of 4 hours of Rebolledo and Daniel Maloso, recorded live at Horst Krzbrg in Berlin back in 2011.

Proper heavy weight bizniz!

Big love.
Moogar. X

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