Monday, 22 July 2013

My New Sitcom

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Lets face it comedy sitcoms are utter rubbish these days, I swear I’ve seen funnier plots in a children’s cemetery. But don’t worry, since we dissolved our involvement in the old Tourist-Mag blog we've not just been sitting about resting on our arses, no no, we've been using the extra time this has free'd up writing this really top class sit-com to pitch to the Channel 4 or BBC 3 or sutin' and it's chock full of proper fucking hi-larious capers and stuff that I wanted to tell you cats about.

Like there’s this one scene where my brothers and I ask our Mum which one of us she loves the most and she responds, “It’s a tie …for last place!” (cue studio audience goeing PURE stark raving acka.) It’s full of super edgy, radge situations and stuff like that. Like there will be a scene where a poisonous snake bites my upper thigh right and my friend has to suck the poison out but he’s all hesitant to because he doesn’t want to appear to be a massive gaylord! Insert MEGALOLZ here!

You know, cause men would rather have their friends die screaming in front of them then to do something that kind of looks similar to something a homo person would do yeah?. That's just comedy! Here, I’m in stitches just thinking about it man. Also we are going to insert the word “bro” into other words,,,, a lot! Like a girl will ask my character, “Are you pro-life?” and I’ll respond “I’m bro-life!” Then I will high-five the one black guy friend I'm going to write into the show, who I will have a… wait for it…wait for it,,,,, 'bro-mance' with. FUCKING LOLZILLA!

Also a lot of this 'hip irreverent comedy' will focus around me and my pals relationship. The relationship will run the spectrum of 'It’s funny cause they are guys and have almost a ‘couples’ relationship, ya know, almost like they are gay but we know they are not from all the poon they slay.” to “it’s funny because they are uncomfortable in situations that may be misconstrued as gay.' LOL! Put on your laughing hats folks, it’s going to be a fucking LOLOCAUST!

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